Vivian Banks Charter

BUSD Elementary Social Studies Pilot and Selection of Curriculum

Dear Parents/Guardians


We are happy to announce the BUSD Elementary Social Studies Pilot Team has worked diligently to pilot curriculum from various publishers and has made a decision on the program Bonsall Unified School District will adopt for grades K-5 Social Studies. 


The steps below demonstrate the textbook adoption process:


STEP #1 - Piloting of various curricula (DONE)

STEP #2 - Choose a curriculum from the ones piloted (DONE)

STEP #3 - Display curriculum for Parent/Guardian viewing (Parents/Guardians will have the opportunity to view the curricula through a virtual platform. This will be done through the BUSD website.)

STEP #4 - Board Approval (the curriculum will be on the May board agenda)

STEP #5 - Purchase the curriculum (This will be done in June)

STEP #6 - Delivery of Curriculum (August)

STEP #7 - Formal and extensive professional development from the vendor (Date and format to be determined)



SAVVAS myWorld Interactive Social Studies