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What happens when your child misses even one day of school??

  • Your child needs TWO days just to catch up, according to the U.S. Department of Education.
  • The other students in your child’s class lose learning time as the teacher must repeat what others have already learned.
  • He or she misses social experiences and connecting with the other children.
  • Your child loses academic instruction that affects learning skills, grades, and achievement scores.

When students are not in attendance, your school also loses money for programs, staff, equipment – things that will help your child get a better education.

In an effort to improve attendance at Vivian Banks we will be beginning an Attendance Incentive Program. Every student who is here for two consecutive weeks will be entered into a drawing that will take place at our Friday Morning Flag Salute. Students whose names are drawn will earn an Eagle Buck good at the school store.

As we all know most students who arrive tardy are late due to factors out of their control. As parents it is our responsibility to ensure our children are attending school everyday on time.

We work very hard to ensure that your child receives the best education possible, provided your child.  Please help us provide your child with the outstanding education he or she deserves.

Thank you,

Eric Kosch
Principal, VBCS